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No School? Yep, This Is Hard!

This is a first.  Uncharted territory.  Isolated, limited in what we can do and trying to keep some normality, whilst being isolated.  Parents are feeling the strain. What we need is certainty and we can create this to an extent.

Certainty brings Sanity, Rhythm is the Key

By implementing routines and schedules to organise our days and schedule time for connection and fun, this can be a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the bonds within our families.  

Daily Activities to keep kids happy and busy whilst you juggle your own responsibilities without spending loads of time and money!

Growth and Grit can help you do this by providing everything you need, in one place.  I want to help you by saving you time searching for ideas and content so that you can still get on with your own responsibilities. Covering three weeks, there is an activity for every day, differentiated to suit ages 5 - 8 or 8 - 11.  Kids have loved these activities and I have received countless thank-you messages! Each activity is age appropriate, sometimes covering a bit of Maths and English, but always fun and engaging!  This is a tough time for us all. Try to keep things simple and above all look after your own and your children's mental health.  

Maths ✓ English ✓ Topic Based activities ✓ Arts and Crafts ✓ Emotional Intelligence ✓

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