Lockdown Maths Lessons

We don't want our children to fall behind during this crisis and it looks like normality is not bound to return for some time. This is a real worry for us as parents whilst we try to juggle work and homeschooling.  Mathematics and English form the core building blocks for our kids which is why I'd like to help.  I'm offering online lessons at a much lower rate than you would pay for an online tutor.


I have nearly two decades of experience teaching Maths to various abilities and ages.  I'm offering engaging 1:1 or small group sessions.  You can book sessions for a whole week (Monday to Friday) or choose the days you need it.  If you don't see the Maths session you need, let me know as I might be able to set up more groups!

*Bookings confirmed with payment.


Private 1:1 Maths Lesson

1:1 Maths lessons available to book for children year 3 to GCSE * £15 per session * well below the cost of a tutor.


Year 5 Small Group

* Maths lessons every morning at 9am * Small group

* 45 mins * £5 per session


Year 6 Small Group

Maths lessons every morning at 10am *Small group

* 45 mins *£5 per session