Supporting a successful school return with staff and student wellbeing as a priority

"I can’t stress how important this is to consider as you prepare the return to school."
Rich Lewis (Principal Peak Academy & Associate Director at The White Horse Federation)

We've seen the phrases "unprecedented times" and "uncharted territory" used so many times during the last couple of months, that they've started to lose their meaning.  However, we do face an unknown challenge successfully navigating our schools' return.  Children and their families have been isolated like never before for a prolonged duration, which could result in a wide range of issues across a school community, e.g. levels of learning, ability to focus and adhere to school expectations, dealing with loss as well as the impact prolonged stress and uncertainty have had on the mental wellbeing of staff and pupils.


If our staff are struggling and feeling anxious, they simply can't work as a team and certainly won't be strong enough to support their students.

The aim of this workshop is to provide your staff with the opportunity to discuss, prepare and have skills refreshed so that they are ready to support each other and their students.  This online opportunity does not use up valuable inset or contact time but can be organised in a flexible and accommodating way depending on your current circumstances. 

We (Rich Berry and Eloise Grobbelaar) are experienced educators and trainers with a focus on developing staff to understand and proactively support children, instead of simply reacting to behaviours and incidents.  We believe that staff who feel supported and equipped are best able to in return also support and equip their pupils.

Content will cover an understanding of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and cover practical strategies to support staff and pupils.  The session also includes comprehensive resource packs to equip staff with practical tools.  School leaders will also benefit from resources created by education leaders in the UK and valuable feedback from their staff teams.  (Scroll down to see the feedback from other school leaders.) 

Total cost per 3 hour workshop:
Up to 15 members of staff - £375
Up to 30 members of staff - £500
30+ members of staff - £600

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Rich Berry

Education Consultant and former Head Teacher with 32 years experience in schools. He specialises in SEMH, school leadership & developing teams. Rich is a Clinical Supervisor, Mental Health First Aid Trainer; Team Teach Trainer, Trauma Informed Practitioner, SIP & Coach & Education Lead for the Bristol Bears.

Eloise Grobbelaar

Positive behaviour specialist & former teacher with 20 years experience working within SEN, Autism and challenging behaviour. Eloise is the director of Growth and Grit, a Certified Parent Educator, Team Teach Trainer, Relax Kids Coach with a Post-graduate Certificate in Autism.


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