Why is PROactive Parenting so important TODAY?

It's a Whole-Hearted, Whole-Brain approach that will make parenting easier, quicker, but also have wonderful long-term benefits!


Growth and Grit is based on the research of Adler, Dreikurs, Gerhardt, Goleman, Brown and Siegel (to name a few!), incorporating principles of Positive Discipline, Emotional Intelligence & Whole-Brain integration strategies.

Brain Science meets Practical Strategies

Growth and Grit has excellent reviews!

It's all about raising strong kids through strong relationships within the family -

not wishy-washy magic wands, but proven strategies through small tweaks.


"Two days after completing the online course - Managing the mayhem of meltdowns - and we are already seeing a positive change in our household. The course was so easy to follow and very quick and I finally have my husband on-board with proactive parenting. I have read so many parenting books and always have struggled to relay it back to my husband so we have always been on different pages. We both had a light bulb moment after watching these and have a better understanding of why our kids act out the way they do and we feel much more prepared to deal with them. The information provided by Eloise is easy to understand and the and examples of situations are so relatable. Eloise, thank you so much for sharing this valuable information.I am confident things can only get better for my family.."

- Lindsay, Mum of three

"I loved Eloise's workshop, so informative and helpful in understanding how the child's brain works. I had a lot of 'Aha' moments where I thought: that makes total sense to the way my kids behave in various situations! I will definitely be trying to implement these methods. Thank you, Eloise!!"

- Cara, Mum of two

"I am on the second day of putting into practise what I learnt on the 'Managing the mayhem of meltdowns' course and I can already see a difference. Eloise, thank you! The course was amazing, and I am definitely going to continue with what I have learnt from you. I highly recommend this course to all families. x!"

- Kirsten, Mum of two

"Being a parent is never easy! Eloise offers better ways of parenting by helping to understand core human brain principles. She offers practical advice with doable solutions. The focus is on retraining the brain to cope better instead of just doing what our parents did."

- Natalie, Mum of three

"The way we talk to our children,

becomes their inner voice." - Peggy O'Mara