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Be Kind & Do Good

Advent Calendar 
and optional Daily Journal

Why should your family take part in the Be Kind and Do Good Advent Calendar activities?

Kindness has massive amounts of benefits for all of us, mentally and physically! 


*We get a rush of endorphins which gives us a little high and leaves a lasting sense of pride, also reduces pain in the body. 

*Oxytocin released helps us to feel happier for longer, lowers blood pressure and helps to fight infections and inflammation in the body.

*Serotonin released supports all the important body systems to work effectively, like digestion, but is also very important for any lasting learning to take place in the brain.  So  very important for our childrens brain development!


But here's the best part, kindness is a triple whammy - it benefits the person receiving the kindness, giving the kindness and even observing the kindness! 


Research has shown that when 

children feel loved, nurtured and respected, 

it helps them to build a strong foundation from which they can in turn,

love, nurture and respect others. 


The Be Kind and do good calendar this year supports exactly that by providing opportunities:

*for children to build their own confidence, to feel valued which in turn supports resilience 

*for families to create shared fun family experiences in order to build those strong connections we all crave and need

*these experiences then create shared stories which help our children to develop a healthy understanding of the world around them. 

*for children to develop generosity, empathy and experience the positive effects of kindness

*for children to develop skills around reaching out to others and encouraging them.

*for us as parents to raise kids who are happy, confident and resilient.

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