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"Your tone was spot- on and as someone who is a professional (SLT), but was there as a parent- I did not feel it was going over my head, nor that I was being ‘spoken down to’. You were both respectful of diversity, without avoiding statement of facts! I remained engaged, was challenged in my own thinking and was ‘forced’ to decide what I thought about certain things.  Thank you so much for the window into your experience and expertise!"

-V. Watermeyer, SLT and Parent

"Thanks so much for the session last night.  I found it really useful. I guess I come from the perspective of being pretty early on on my own autism journey and that of my daughter's.  I liked the video you shared and found it really interesting the sensory overload stuff you explained.  I also found interesting how you talked about how autistic people experience pain/hunger/sleep differently and how you are much more in the moment and that you feel emotions so intensely it is like you are feeling it for the first time and you don’t learn from past experience so much.  I can relate to that and can see how my daughter does this."

-S. Boardman, Parent

"Money extremely well spent.  An investment for the futures of our children AND our staff. Great value for money… thank you!"

- A. Wilcox, Head Teacher

"I have just completed your Managing the Mayhem of Meltdowns course and I loved it. Every parent, grandparent, teacher or anyone who has contact with children should take it!  Eloise offers invaluable, research based information about brain development and easy strategies to help children manage their own emotions. I will definitely be implementing her ideas with my own children!"

-K. Eden, Parent Blogger

"I thought it was an outstanding session. Really insightful whilst providing opportunities to reflect and apply it in to your personal context. Well constructed and thought out, appreciate you accommodating the Progressive Sports team on it."  

- J Wiltshire, Sports Coach

"I can’t recommend this highly enough. I was struggling with the mum guilt and the pressures and the woes and Eloise cleared the fog. The course content is science based, but accessible and easy to understand. So many little revelations throughout, you could almost see everyone’s shoulders relaxing just that bit more and occasional “ah ha!” moments became quite funny. So if you want to feel in control again, understand what’s going on with your terrors, I mean treasures! and take away practical advice and things you can start doing straight away, then this is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family."

- B. Mckenzie-Kerr, Parent

" The quality of the training was excellent.  It was organised effectively, efficiently and clearly and the tone for this was set at the start which ensured immediate investment by delegates. The structure of delivery was comfortable – due to the well timed breaks and the variety ensured continued focus. I think it is essential for anyone working in an SEMH environment to have a secure understanding of this to enable them to establish empathetic relationships with the pupils.  Without this, attachment and co-regulation cannot begin so the journey through to self-actualisation is hindered. This course brings logic and clarity to this through explanation and the use of the exemplar models: Triune Brain Theory and Maslow’."

- J. Buckingham, Head Teacher

"I completed Growth & Grit's 'Managing the mayhem of meltdowns' course and I have to say I was so impressed by the knowledge and content that has gone into this course. I have learnt so much from it and have seen great improvements with my children when implementing what I learnt from the course."

- C. Lee-White, Parent Blogger

"We invited Eloise to run a ‘Growth and Grit’ workshop with a group of our nursery parents.  Eloise and I discussed some of the topics we thought the parents would like advice on beforehand, so she ensured these were covered in the session, which I really appreciated. The parents paid a very affordable price for a space on the course, they gave great feedback and have requested Eloise comes back to do more! As a parent myself, I thought the workshop was really well thought through. I found learning about brain development really insightful and I came away with some very useful proactive parenting strategies to use at home. If you are the manager of a nursery I highly recommend inviting Eloise in to run a session for the parents/carers at your setting, I promise you they will thank you."

- J. Farrington, Associate Head Teacher

"Informative, relevant and engaging!  A superb job done virtually using modern technology - fantastic!!"  

- N Johnson- Head Teacher

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