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Online Parenting Courses

Introduction to Wholehearted Parenting

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If you're tired of the nagging, shouting and fighting, then this is the place to start to make sure you have all the basics in place.  This is a quick course, only 30 minutes, but absolutely packed with valuable information and the greatest strategy to implement straight away.

Managing Mayhem!

Managing The Mayhem of Meltdowns

Do meltdowns cause you mayhem?

Does it leave you feeling frustrated, embarrassed and in despair?

Add to the mix school runs, homework, play dates or a visit to the shops - it can bring everything and everyone to a standstill!


This course WILL change that!

Instead of being reactive, fighting fires and feeling defeated, you can be proactive, in control and confident in your parenting decisions.

Instead of dealing with a misbehaving child who feels misunderstood,  you can have a deeper understanding & a stronger connection with your child.

Better Balance!

Bringing Balance To Daily Battles

Do you find daily battles are exhausting? 

Do you easily snap at your children over the small things?

Do you often find yourself shouting at your kids to listen?

Do you find mornings and bedtimes stressful?

Then this course is for you!  It will help to bring calm and balance, give you a chance to breathe and gain back control.​ 


This course is packed with practical ready-to-implement strategies and also includes a handy 'easy-to-edit' routine-chart to personalise for your child.

Managing Mayhem
Better Balance
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