Parent Coaching

1:1 Support for Parents:


If you're feeling like you're fighting a losing battle or need direction in your parenting to get things back on track, I can help you do that. And it will benefit the whole family!   I have 20 years of experience working with children with a variety of emotional and behavioural needs, including Autism, PDA, ADHD and SEMH.  I approach all behaviour as a function of communication and areas where skills are lacking or lagging.  I believe (and have seen countless times) that children do better when they can.

Parenting has it's ups and downs and it is never straight forward! There is no manual on how to raise children, and we all do the best we can to the best of our knowledge. The world has changed so much since we were children, and the changes are increasing rapidly. Fortunately, we now have a greater understanding of how our children's brains develop and also which skills are important for their futures. Armed with all this knowledge, we really can parent effectively and support our children to develop into happy and confident adults!

Sorika, mum of boys

"I started implementing everything I learned almost immediately, and my sons responded to me differently straight away." 

Maryanne, mum of three

"I feel more empowered to help my anxious child and also to discipline them without the nagging!"

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