Training for professionals working with children

Inset Days, Twilight sessions, Shorter training during meeting times.

Team Teach Training and Support

As a Team Teach Trainer, I provide reasoned, researched and considered positive behavioural management courses. 

Team Teach offers tailored training solutions that teach positive behaviour management and strategies which reduce the need for physical intervention and restraint.  I  have personally implemented Team Teach within a setting, covering behaviour management, risk reduction, recording and reporting, and saw how Team Teach can transform a setting, bringing with it a culture of safety and respect.

Team Teach Training and Support

Positive Behaviour Management

This training provides insight into challenging behaviour as a function of communication and innate needs to be met.  Once we understand the need and communication behind the challenging behaviour, it is much easier to be proactive and implement strategies to both avoid and reduce challenging behaviour. 

Training also includes

  • de-escalation strategies

  • the importance of team work

  • understanding our work within the legal framework

  • importance of the correct recording, reporting and risk assessment plans to reduce challenging behaviour.

Positive Behaviour Management

Emotional Intelligence Training

 Good emotional intelligence is crucial for good mental health and we know that children's mental health statistics in the UK has hit crisis points.  As settings, we are expected to achieve positive outcomes despite this.  It is therefore more important than ever to 

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and

  • Know how to support the development of Emotional Intelligence

Resulting in happy, confident and resilient children ready to learn. 

Emotional Intelligence


What's up with my brain?

An interactive and engaging workshop for kids, aged 8 and up.

During the last 20 years I have learnt that children are very keen to understand themselves, and with that understanding comes a feeling of empowerment.   When children start to understand what happens in their brains and bodies, they become more confident to take responsibility for their behaviour.

  • Children are able to describe what they feel and link that to emotions.  

  • They are able to implement proactive strategies (When I feel like this, I'll do that before this happens)

  • They become more confident and willing to try strategies.

  • They love seeing the positive results and reflect on their progress.

What's up with my Brain

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