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Training, Workshops, Consultation and Support
Whole-Brain, Evidence-based, Effective and Respectful

Understanding Autism & Using Effective Strategies
We are at a point in time where countless Autistic and Neuro-diverse adults are voicing their experiences and opinions.  This gives us as professionals a fresh perspective and understanding of the effective tools and interventions to use when we work with / support Autistic children.  It is enabling us Neuto-typical teachers to better understand and support autistic children.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet children’s important needs so they can feel confident and happy within their own skin.
We can include any of the following topics:
  • Emotional Regulation and Intelligence,

  • Sensory Integration

  • Alternative Communication

  • Social Stories

  • Stress and Behaviour Support

  • Autism-friendly Environment

  • Supporting Independence

  • Assessment and Individual Plans

Implementing Growth Mindset
Children who are resilient and keen to solve problems, achieve more and go further. Eloise attended training by the world-renowned Carol Dweck, a Stanford University Professor and Best-Seller on implementing and embedding a Growth Mindset within a school setting.  

By combining Dweck’s research with Angela Duckworth’s research on “Grit”, this training enables schools to embed and implement important principles and strategies, resulting in resilient students who are more willing to be challenged - the keys to achieving better results. 

Positive Behaviour Management

This training provides insight into challenging behaviour as a function of communication and innate needs to be met.  It is ONLY once we understand the need and communication behind the challenging behaviour, that we are able to be proactive and implement strategies to both avoid and reduce challenging behaviour. 


Training also includes:

  • De-escalation strategies / tools

  • The importance of team work

  • Understanding our work within the legal framework

  • Importance of the correct recording, reporting and risk assessment plans to reduce challenging behaviour

Emotional Intelligence Training

Good emotional intelligence is crucial for good mental health and we know that children's mental health statistics across the world have hit crisis points.  Within our  settings, we are expected to achieve positive outcomes despite this.  It is therefore more important than ever to:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and

  • Know how to support the development of Emotional Intelligence

  • ​Resulting in happy, confident and resilient children ready to learn

What's Up With My Brain? - Student Workshops

An interactive and engaging workshop for kids, aged 8 and up.

During the last 20 years we have learnt that children are very keen to understand themselves, and with that understanding comes a feeling of empowerment.   When children start to understand what happens in their brains and bodies, they become more confident to take responsibility for their behaviour.

  • Children are able to describe what they feel and link that to emotions.  

  • They are able to implement proactive strategies (When I feel like this, I'll do that before this happens)

  • They become more confident and willing to try strategies.

  • They love seeing the positive results and reflect on their progress.

Over 20 years specialist expertise and experience
with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, Autism and Behavioural Approaches

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