2020: Do you worry about how this year is affecting your child?

Lockdown has made it worse!

This is the phrase I am hearing more often from parents and teachers when they describe the challenging behaviours they face. And it’s not just the kids that have been affected - it’s all of us. During the past 5 months I have delivered training to many schools, sport organisations and parents. This phrase has been the recurring theme throughout.

As humans, we rightly assume that we are immensely complicated, with various factors influencing the physiology and psychology of who we are, who we become, but - it boils down to a few basics. The brain and body functions in such a way that certain needs have to be met for us to function well, and 2020 has certainly made that difficult.

parents and children affected by covid

Our four basic needs:

1. Physiological needs. (enough water, healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise).

2. Safety needs (to feel safe, physically and psychologically)

3. Belonging (to feel loved and accepted, to belong to social groups)

4. Significance (to feel valued, experience success, have some control)