Covid: 20 Questions to help you identify how your children have been affected.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you are worried about whether your child has been affected by the craziness of 2020, complete this quick questionnaire. It will help you to identify the areas most affected so that you can proactively address any gaps before they become issues. These questions relate to changes that have occurred since the first lockdown earlier this year and is explained in the blog post: 2020: Do you worry about how this year is affecting your child?

  1. Has your child become more of a picky eater / started to prefer blander foods?

  2. Is your child more worried / anxious about certain day-to-day aspects?

  3. Are you feeling more annoyed / irritated / worried / guilty as a parent?

  4. Is your child ignoring you / more stubborn when you ask them to do something?

  5. Has your child’s sleeping pattern been affected, are they going to bed later or sleeping less?

  6. Does your child find it more difficult to organise themselves?

  7. Is your child clingier than before or finding it harder to separate from you?

  8. Do you feel challenged / angry / threatened / defeated more often during interactions with your child?

  9. Has it become more difficult to get your child to eat the normal amount of vegetables and fruit?

  10. Are you dealing with more meltdowns than before?

  11. Are you having to remind your child more often to do things or find yourself doing those things for them?

  12. Is your child defiant / confrontational / disrespectful during interactions?

  13. Has it become a struggle to motivate your child to engage in activities because they claim to be too tired?

  14. Does your child run off to their rooms more often as a result of conflict situations?

  15. Does your child interrupt you or ask for your help more often during conversations with others?

  16. Are you getting pulled into arguments with your child more often?

  17. Is it difficult to give your child physical exercise each day?

  18. Do you experience more shouting / crying / fighting than before?

  19. Is your child showing off or being silly more often than before?

  20. Does your child ask you “why?” each time you ask them to do something?

Use the following key to take you to the strategies and suggestions to support these areas.

  • If you have answered ‘yes’ to questions 1,5, 9,13 and 17, find some strategies and ideas under the “physiological needs” section.

  • If you have answered ‘yes’ to questions 2, 6, 10, 14 and 18, find some strategies and ideas under the “safety needs” section.

  • If you have answered ‘yes’ to questions 3, 7, 11, 15 and 19, find some strategies and ideas under the “love and belonging needs" section.

  • If you have answered ‘yes’ to questions 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20, find some strategies and ideas under the “esteem needs” section.

What next?

Strategies to support your child and avoid issues further on in their lives.

The reasons why 2020 is having an effect on your child’s development.

Email Eloise if you would like to know more or need some support.

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