How to help your child be more confident and resilient, despite the effects of 2020

Often in managing our children’s difficult behaviour, we react to what we see on the surface. The facts are that our children’s behaviour actually communicates their unmet needs. When we correctly identify and satisfy those needs, our children will behave better. And although each human is a hugely complicated individual, there are general areas of need which we can identify and approach in a positive way to help our children become more confident and resilient. And the good news is, by focusing on their needs, you will automatically also be meeting some of your own needs. Find out more about the impact of Covid on our needs in my blog: 2020: Do you worry about how this year has affected your child?

How to help my child

Below are ideas and strategies to positively impact on each area of need:

Physiological Needs

It comes down to the very basics of healthy diet, age-appropriate amount of sleep and enough exercise. When one area is affected, the other two are affected as well, quickly resulting in low energy and low moods - an unmotivated and moody child! The brain and body needs

  • stable blood sugar levels,

  • enough sleep to grow and rest,

  • daily exercise to strengthen muscles and bones, oxygenate the body, and balance the chemicals in the brain.